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Overlooking termites can result in substantial harm to both residential and commercial properties in Cherry Grove. Hence, opting for an annual termite inspection is a prudent move. It helps in detecting and tackling potential termite problems early, preventing major damage and costly repairs.

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Effective Termite Control in Cherry Grove, OH

Spotting Termites in Cherry Grove

In Cherry Grove, Ohio, termites typically go unnoticed until their swarming season. This is when flying termites are seen as they emerge to find mates. Due to their resemblance in size and shape, these termites are often mistaken for flying ants. If you spot these flying insects or encounter insects that resemble white ants in Cherry Grove (as termites are lighter in color), it’s crucial to contact our expert termite control team promptly, as it’s a strong indication of a termite presence.

The Risk of Termites in Cherry Grove

Your Cherry Grove, Ohio home could be at risk from eastern subterranean termites. These pests are often ignored by homeowners, who might be more vigilant about visible pests like ants, cockroaches, and spiders. Unfortunately, subterranean termites can remain hidden and undetected for extended periods, causing substantial damage before they are discovered.

The Hidden Cost of Termites

Across the United States, termites account for $2 to $5 billion in property damage annually, and Cherry Grove homes are not exempt. These pests, dwelling in the soil, can infiltrate homes through minuscule cracks, continuously feeding on wood structures.

Signs of Termite Activity

  • Termite Mud Tubes: These are created by Eastern Subterranean Termites using mud and feces, forming a pathway from the soil into your home.
  • Discarded Termite Wings: After swarming, termites shed their wings, which are often found near windowsills or caught in spider webs.
  • Evidence in Drywall: Termites consume cellulose-based materials, making drywall an ideal target for them.
  • Hollowed-Out Wood: Indicators like blisters in wood flooring, baseboards, doorways, and windows suggest termite feeding within these structures.

The most prevalent and destructive termite species in the region is the subterranean termite, known for forming large colonies underground and typically entering homes via the foundation.

Keep Your Home Safe from Termites with Perfection Pest Control

Choose Perfection Pest Control in Cherry Grove, Ohio, to address and prevent termite damage effectively. To protect your home from these hidden invaders, schedule a service online or reach out to us at 513-368-7556.

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Gold Protection Pest Control Plan

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Platinum Protection Pest Control Plan

Perfection’s Platinum plan is our premier service and includes everything the other plans cover PLUS: Annual termite inspection and baiting service to protect from termite damage.

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Professional Termite Control

At Perfection Pest Control, we care about our Ohio environment and the impact our services can have on our local community. We are proud to use some of the most eco-friendly products available on the market. Ask us about our green services to discuss the options available.

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