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Kid & Pet Friendly Pest Control in Hidden Valley

We are experts at controlling common residential pests, commercial pests, ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, rodents, spiders, termites, and wildlife.

Perfection Pest Control: Hidden Valley, Indiana’s Choice for Family-Owned Pest Control and Exterminator Services

In Hidden Valley, Indiana, Perfection Pest Control stands as a beacon of local, family-owned expertise in exterminator and pest control services, boasting over 25 years of experience. We are deeply familiar with the unique pest challenges in Hidden Valley and offer custom pest management strategies that are both effective and community-oriented, backed by the knowledge of our Hidden Valley-based pest control professionals. Opting for Perfection Pest Control means you’re choosing a service that’s not only experienced but also dedicated to the Hidden Valley community, offering:

Tailored Pest Control Solutions for Every Hidden Valley Home: We at Perfection Pest Control are committed to providing targeted and efficient pest control in Hidden Valley. Beginning with detailed home inspections, we identify specific pest problems and develop a personalized exterminator plan to tackle them effectively.

Dedicated Local Service in Hidden Valley: Being a family-owned business, we offer personalized exterminator services in Hidden Valley, delivered by our team of local experts. This approach ensures a level of care and understanding of local pest issues that larger, impersonal nationwide companies cannot provide.

Exceptional Customer Service for Hidden Valley Residents: We pair our pest control expertise with a commitment to superior customer service. Our technicians in Hidden Valley are focused on keeping you informed, treating your home with respect, and ensuring we leave your space safer and more comfortable, especially in child and pet-friendly areas.

Comprehensive Pest Control Plans Throughout the Year for Hidden Valley: Recognizing the need for ongoing pest control, we provide various plans tailored to different budgets in Hidden Valley, ensuring your home stays pest-free all year round.

25+ Years of Community Trust with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Our long-standing position as a trusted pest control provider in Hidden Valley is reinforced by our commitment to your satisfaction. If our services ever fall short of your expectations, please tell us. We are dedicated to making things right until you are completely satisfied.

Bronze Protection Pest Control Plan
Starting At


Perfection’s Bronze protection plan provides year-round protection for general household pests. If you want flies and stinging insect protection, check out the GOLD protection plan.
*Plans may require an initial service fee

Gold Protection Pest Control Plan
Starting at


Perfection’s Gold protection plan provides year-round protection for general household pests INCLUDING flies and stinging insect protection. For termites see our PLATINUM plan.
*Plans may require an initial service fee

Platinum Protection Pest Control Plan
Starting at


Perfection’s Platinum plan is our premier service and includes everything the other plans cover PLUS: Annual termite inspection and baiting service to protect from termite damage.
*Plans may require an initial service fee

WILDLIFE Protection Pest Control Plan

$50 Off Wildlife Service!

Perfection’s Wildlife service includes:

  • Bats & Birds
  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Ground Hogs
  • Trapping and damage repair
  • Attic restoration & more

*Plans may require an initial service fee

The areas we service in Hidden Valley and Indiana

With over 25 years of combined experience, Perfection Pest Control is proud to be your hometown exterminator in Indiana.

Our talented team provides our services to the following county:

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