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Bronze Protection Pest Control Plan
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Perfection’s Bronze protection plan provides year-round protection for general household pests. If you want flies and stinging insect protection, check out the GOLD protection plan.
*Plans may require an initial service fee

Gold Protection Pest Control Plan
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Perfection’s Gold protection plan provides year-round protection for general household pests INCLUDING flies and stinging insect protection. For termites see our PLATINUM plan.
*Plans may require an initial service fee

Platinum Protection Pest Control Plan
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Perfection’s Platinum plan is our premier service and includes everything the other plans cover PLUS: Annual termite inspection and baiting service to protect from termite damage.
*Plans may require an initial service fee

WILDLIFE Protection Pest Control Plan

$50 Off Wildlife Service!

Perfection’s Wildlife service includes:

  • Bats & Birds
  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Ground Hogs
  • Trapping and damage repair
  • Attic restoration & more

*Plans may require an initial service fee

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Sierra King
Had my house sprayed from crawling insects (mainly spiders) also had some mice traps set before they cut down the crop around me. He was very knowledgeable, professional and thorough. Within the 24hours I was only finding dead spiders. It’s been a few days and I haven’t seen 1 bug in my house!!! Best price in town, I don’t have one complaint about the service.
Tanner Loyd
Been using Perfection Pest Control for years now and they just keep getting better.
Carla Stuart
I don't know how anyone else feels, but knowing we were hosting uninvited rodent guests made me anxious! I spent two weeks trying to resolve the problem on my own--no luck. My home no longer felt like a safe space. One call, and Denny was at my door right on time the very next day! He performed a thorough inspection, inside and out, pinpointing exactly where the mice were getting into the house and suggesting the best way to move forward. His knowledge, expertise, and friendly manner immediately set my mind at ease. Thank you, Denny! I hope we never need pest control again, but if we do, I know exactly who to call!
Jim Carmichael
Highly professional, quality work.
Patricia Jones
I rarely write a review about a company, however I do read reviews, and I wanted to share my experience with Perfection Pest Control, because I was so impressed with their honesty, promptness, and because the quality of their work was so good that when the homeowner (my friend) went outside to see the repair, he wasn't even able to tell me where the hole was originally. Vic even spray painted the repair to match the color of the soffit. Thank you Denny, Doug and Vic! Yesterday I contacted 5 different pest control companies, because there were birds trying to nest in the soffit under the roof overhang of a friends house, who cannot be exposed to bird or bat feces due to past health concerns. One company said they were too busy and couldn't get a technician here for 2 weeks, two of them said there was a charge to come out to access the situation. Perfection Pest Control was one of the remaining two that said they would come out without charge. Denny and Doug came out early that afternoon, and started in the attic. Doug inspected the entire attic for any kind of bat or bird droppings, and any indication of daylight (holes where bats or birds could try to enter), and ensured me there were no issues in the attic. They determined that the bird issue was isolated to the hole in the soffit on the side of the house. Denny took pictures of the area, and he called me later that day with a quote. He said they would come out the next day, because he knew I was concerned about the birds creating more damage if the issue wasn't taken care right away. Vic and Denny came out the next day, and Vic was able to see that the birds had not started to create a nest yet. He then covered the hole, and spray painted the repair the same color of the soffit. I truly appreciated Doug addressing my concerns about the attic, Denny for his honesty and promptness, and Vic for doing such a great job on the repair. FYI, the other company that came out to access the situation without charge tried to upsell the job. He didn't even go in the attic, he only took pictures by holding his cellphone up in the attic hole. The first thing he tried to tell me was that there was daylight coming through the attic. Then he told me the existing insulation in the attic needed to be covered with their sanitized insulation. Then while working on the quote he came to the door, and told me we have carpenter ants, then he said he needed to inspect the basement for termites. I asked why, and he said it was part of the service. I only share this so you are aware of how a bird issue can be turned into something else. I appreciate when a company is honest, listens, and only addresses my true concern, not one that tries to upsell.

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