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In Northern Kentucky, controlling cockroaches is crucial to ensure public health, as these pests can transmit a range of diseases and trigger allergic reactions. Moreover, their rapid proliferation can lead to infestations that compromise the hygiene and comfort of homes and businesses in the region.

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Cockroaches Multiply Fast!

The Best Cockroach Control From A Local Exterminator in Northern Kentucky

Your home is an attractive place for cockroaches. They can likely find all the food, water, and shelter they need inside of your Northern Kentucky home. If you make these things easy to access, roaches will be more likely to infest your property. For example, a leak under your sink and food waste sitting out are both things that can attract cockroaches inside. The flat shape of the cockroach’s body makes it easy for them to squeeze through small breaches and find their way into your house.

Once cockroaches get into your house and start multiplying, they can be extremely difficult to eradicate. Cockroaches are notoriously resilient to DIY treatment efforts. The quickest and most effective way to get cockroaches out of your home is with the help of a pest control professional. At Perfection Pest Control, we help homeowners in Northern Kentucky eliminate cockroach infestations and protect against future problems.

When you choose Perfection Pest to help protect your home from cockroaches, we will provide you with:

A thorough cockroach inspection of your home. We will start the process of eliminating cockroaches from your home by inspecting it to determine the severity of your infestation. The inspection will help the pest pro determine the severity of your infestation and identify entry points. Understanding the severity of the infestation will help the technician determine the correct type and level of treatment.

Treatment to eradicate an active infestation. Once the inspection is complete, the team from Perfection Pest will apply the appropriate type of treatment to eradicate the cockroach infestation in your home.

Preventative treatment to keep cockroaches from returning. You need to get routine preventative treatment against roaches if you want them to stay away for good. At Perfection Pest, we can set your home setup on a regularly scheduled treatment plan to ensure that your home is continuously protected from the threat of another cockroach infestation.

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At Perfection Pest, we regularly help homeowners in Northern Kentucky and surrounding areas protect their homes from cockroaches. Our technicians are trained to find signs of roach activity, effectively eliminate them from your home, and keep them away.

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At Perfection Pest, you are much more than just a customer. We want a long-lasting friendship and relationship with our customers. That’s why we will ensure you have a dedicated technician who is familiar with your area – aware of the common problems and bugs that others may have in your neighborhood. As a locally owned company, we take great pride in our family, friends, customers, and the community we serve. That’s why we have been successful for more than 25 years! If you ever have a problem or question, we are here at (859) 525-8560.

We Have Offers to Save You Money

When you choose to hire us as your pest control company, you can save up to $50.00 off of your initial pest control service. Take a look at our various programs and call us today to find out what you can save by choosing Perfection Pest Control.


At Perfection Pest Control, we focus on the environment in Northern Kentucky. We are experts at controlling bugs, insects, ants, spiders, rodents, and other pests indigenous to our area, things like the following:

Perfection pest control packages

Starting at $42/Mo.

Bronze Protection Pest Control Plan

Perfection’s Bronze protection plan provides year-round protection for general household pests. If you want flies and stinging insect protection, check out the GOLD protection plan.

*Plans may require an initial service fee

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Starting at $50/Mo.

Gold Protection Pest Control Plan

Perfection’s Gold protection plan provides
year-round protection for general household pests
INCLUDING flies and stinging insect protection. For termites
see our PLATINUM plan.

*Plans may require an initial service fee

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Starting at $67/Mo.

Platinum Protection Pest Control Plan

Perfection’s Platinum plan is our premier service and includes everything the other plans cover PLUS: Annual termite inspection and baiting service to protect from termite damage.

*Plans may require an initial service fee

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Save $50 Off Wildlife Service!

WILDLIFE Protection Pest Control Plan

Perfection’s Wildlife service includes:

  • Bats & Birds
  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Ground Hogs
  • Trapping and damage repair
  • Attic restoration & more

*Plans may require an initial service fee

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For help choosing the right package, call today: (859) 525-8560.

Local Family Owned Pest Control

At Perfection Pest Control, we care about our Northern Kentucky environment and the impact our services can have on our local community. We are proud to use some of the most eco-friendly products available. Ask us about our services to discuss the options available.

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