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Don’t Let Bats Roost In Your Home!

Bat & Bird Control in Westwood, OH

Bats reside in the eaves, gable vents, and other concealed locations on your home’s roof. These areas are ideal roosting sites for bats. Bats are a problem for homeowners since they transport pests like bat bugs, and produce guano and urine that can cause disease. Bats are among the most potentially dangerous wildlife issues to remove. We can effectively remove bats and prevent them from re-roosting in your house once more with our team of bat experts.

Bats can carry rabies and other life-threatening diseases. While most won’t attack you unless provoked, it’s best to call your bat pest control professionals at Perfection Pest if you suspect your home has a bat problem. Along with the various diseases, bats can carry other unwanted pests into your home, such as ticks and fleas, that bring their health concerns.

Expert Bat Removal Services in Westwood

If you have a bat problem, you need an expert team to take care of it. Our bat removal services have been around since 1995, so you can trust that we have the experience and knowledge to handle your situation. Our team uses humane methods to remove bats from your property and prevent them from returning. Don’t let bats take over your home or business – call us today for reliable and effective bat removal services in Ohio.

Expert Bird Removal Services in Westwood

Feral Pigeons, Sparrows, Starlings, and Swallows are responsible for untold millions of dollars of damage each year in urban areas. The uric acid in their feces is highly corrosive. We offer Bird trapping and removal services. We also provide pigeon deterrents and exclusion services.

Do you have a bird problem? We can help! We’ve offered fast and effective bird control in Westwood and the tri-state areas for over 25 years. Perfection has the expertise to exclude various nuisance birds from in and around your home, including pigeons, house sparrows, and more.

Careful and Humane Bird Exclusion

If birds have entered your home, you probably feel uneasy knowing you have a wild animal in your space. Don’t worry. Perfection is here to provide fast bird removal service. We’ll rid them from your space, whether plaguing your roof or roosting inside. At Perfection Pest, our Westwood bird control specialists will carefully and humanely exclude and prevent birds from entering or nesting in your home or business.

Partner with Perfection Pest Control to eliminate your bat or bird issues and prevent them from returning. You can schedule online or give us a call today: (513) 368-7556.

At Perfection Pest Control we focus on the environment around us here in Westwood. We are experts at controlling bugs, insects, carpenter ants, spiders, rodents, and other pests indigenous to our area, things like the following:

Perfection pest control packages

Starting at $42/Mo.

Bronze Protection Pest Control Plan

Perfection’s Bronze protection plan provides year-round protection for general household pests. If you want flies and stinging insect protection, check out the GOLD protection plan.

*Plans may require an initial service fee

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Starting at $50/Mo.

Gold Protection Pest Control Plan

Perfection’s Gold protection plan provides
year-round protection for general household pests
INCLUDING flies and stinging insect protection. For termites
see our PLATINUM plan.

*Plans may require an initial service fee

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Starting at $67/Mo.

Platinum Protection Pest Control Plan

Perfection’s Platinum plan is our premier service and includes everything the other plans cover PLUS: Annual termite inspection and baiting service to protect from termite damage.

*Plans may require an initial service fee

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Save $50 Off Wildlife Service!

WILDLIFE Protection Pest Control Plan

Perfection’s Wildlife service includes:

  • Bats & Birds
  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Ground Hogs
  • Trapping and damage repair
  • Attic restoration & more

*Plans may require an initial service fee

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For help choosing the right package, call today: (513) 368-7556

Eco-Friendly Pest Control

At Perfection Pest, we care about our Westwood environment and our services’ impact on our local community. We are proud to use some of the most eco-friendly products available on the market. Ask us about our green services to discuss the options available.

Bat & Bird Extermination Experts

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